STACK Training #1: Mastering the Basics
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    STACK Training #1: Mastering the Basics

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    Here is an outline of the content covered in this training:

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    Done with Training #1? Great job! Now, let's get ready for training #2.

    To ensure you maximize what you’ve learned so far, we recommend you complete the following in STACK before attending Training #2: Advancing Your Skills, as we will be building on this work:

    • Under ‘Account Settings’
      • Update your company profile and trade in the Company Profile section
      • Add Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions templates if you have any
    • Create a Project
      • Upload a plan
      • Create a folder
      • Set scale
      • Complete a few practice takeoffs

    Now you’re ready for Training #2 with Labels/Grouping, Reports, Plan Overlay and more. 

    You have three options for your Training #2 experience:

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    Have more questions on Training #1? Sign up for a 30-minute personalized session with a STACK Trainer using the link below. 

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