Navigating STACK
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    Navigating STACK

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    Navigating STACK is pretty straight forward. Learning the navigation toolbars at the top of your screen will help you quickly get to all of the areas you need to access your general account and project specific options.

    Another toolbar to become familiar with is the measuring tool bar in the TAKEOFFS section. It will make performing your takeoffs an easier task.

    See below for:
    Main Navigation Overview
    Sub-navigation Overview
    Measuring Toolbar Overview

    Located along the top of the screen in the black bar, the main navigation is where you can access general account options.

    NOTE: Clicking the STACK icon at the left side of the main navigation will take you to you project list, same as PROJECTS.

    Main Navigation

    1. Full-screen Icon (four corners) - Expands your current browser window to full screen.
    2. New Tab Icon (box w/arrow) - Opens your current browser view in a new tab.
    3. PROJECTS (aka Project List)- Where you will create new projects and find existing projects.
    4. CALENDAR - Provides a calendar view of your projects.
    5. ITEMS - Where you will find pre-built item catalogs or create your own custom items.
    6. ASSEMBLIES - Where you will find pre-built assembly catalogs or create your own custom assemblies.
    7. What’s New Icon (gift) - Information about new and updated features.
    8. My Notifications Icon (bell) - Shows in-app notifications like when a proposal download is complete.
    9. My Team Icon (two-people) - Lets you see what members are on your team and what they're working on.
    10. Help Icon (?) - Quick access to resources including our online help guide, chat support, phone number, and a list of keyboard shortcuts.
    11. Settings Icon (person w/gear) - Where you can create a desktop shortcut to STACK, update your account settings, request new features, find out about our refer & earn program, access Excel tools, or log out of STACK.
      NOTE: Some items under Settings are only available/visible to Account Owners.

    Located along the top of the screen under the main navigation, the sub-navigation toolbar is where you can access project-specific options.

    1. HOME - Where you can view and edit project details like project name, status, bid date, assigned to, location, and notes, as well as upload project plans and documents.
    2. PLANS - Where you can view, search, and organize project plans and documents.
    3. TAKEOFFS - Where you will create and edit takeoffs on your plan sheets, find the Takeoff Library to access pre-built takeoffs, and be able to change the measurement system for the project to metric if needed.
    4. REPORTS - Offers several pre-built reports that you can customize for your needs.
    5. ESTIMATES - Where you will create estimates to calculate the total project cost, customize and download proposals, and find/edit estimates you've already created.
    6. SHARE - Allows you to share view-only access to your project documents, takeoffs, and reports.
    7. INVITE - Allows you to invite other users to perform takeoffs on a blank set of plans.

    Measuring Toolbar Overview

    The measuring toolbar automatically appears on the right side of the screen when you have a plan sheet open in the canvas view in the TAKEOFFS section.

    NOTE: The options available on the toolbar change depending on the measurement type you have selected.

    1. Overlay - Overlay and compare multiple plan sheets in the same view.
    2. Edit - Select measurements and markups, cut, copy, paste, change takeoff, explode area, rotate, flip, cut line, or delete. You can also undo these actions (except change takeoff, which must be done manually).
      NOTE: You can undo up to 50 actions on a page. However, if you navigate to another page or tab, you cannot come back and undo something you did before changing pages. Also, when using zoom and undo, if you don't see the action undo, it might be because it is outside your zoomed-in field of view.
    3. Markup - Add a highlight, cloud, call out, dimension line, text box, or legend to any plan sheet.
    4. Takeoff - Options to create measurements and counts.
    5. CutOut - Cut out/remove an area from an existing measurement.
    6. Bookmarks - Save and link specific sheet views to reference later.
    7. Zoom - Zoom in or out on a plan sheet.
    8. Print - Export or print the desired project docs or sheet views.

    TIP: You can use keyboard shortcuts for many edit tools. You can also use the mouse wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out.

    STACK Training #1: Mastering the Basics

    If you need additional assistance, please Contact Us.

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