Managing Drawings and Project Documents
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    Managing Drawings and Project Documents

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    When you upload a plan set with multiple pages, STACK will scan the documents to find the title block and sheet ID. The application will then use this information to automatically name each sheet. If you’ve only uploaded a single page, STACK will use the existing filename. Below you can find additional methods for managing your project files.

    How to organize your project documents using Autoname

    After you’ve uploaded your project documents, STACK gives you the option to use the existing file names, manually name your plans, or automatically name your plans based on the sheet title and page number. You can use Autoname by following these steps:

    1. Once your project documents have finished processing, while on the “Plans” tab, click the ellipse (3 dots) next to to the folder you would like to Autoname
    2. Zoom into the section of the page that has the sheet title and page number
    3. Click the “Draw” button on the left panel and then draw a rectangle around the page number by clicking once to start and once to finish.
    4. You can also add the Page title by Clicking the “Add Page Title” button on the left panel and then draw a rectangle around the Page title by clicking once to start and once to finish.
    5. Click “Start” on the left panel to begin Autonaming all documents in the previously selected folder.
    6. You will receive a notification once the Autoname completes and be able to view the results in the plan list and thumbnail view

    *You can rename any plan sheets by selecting the ellipse (3 dots) next to the plan name. 

    It’s common for a single plan sheet to have detail or section callouts that reference other sheets. STACK saves time by providing hyperlinks to those related pages. Instructions for using Automatic Hyperlinking are as follows:

    1. Once a project is uploaded, blue hyperlinks will automatically be placed on callouts that reference other plan sheets (You can confirm the referenced sheet ID by reviewing the blue box to the right of every plan name in the list view).
    2. While viewing a plan sheet, clicking on the blue hyperlink will open a quick access preview of the page.
    3. From this preview, you can pan and zoom, just like a regular plan tab.
    4. To open the referenced plan sheet, click on "Open Selected Page"

    *This preview also works when you have multiple plan sheets with the same name or ID.

    Other tips for organizing the plans and documents section

    The plans and documents section of the software allows for the organization of all file types for the project. This area contains Bookmarks, Plans, Supporting Documents, and also displays the sheet ID's that STACK identified during the upload process.


    The plans section allows for the creation of a folder structure for a project. By default, a new project will upload into the plans folder. However, folders and subfolders can be created to meet your organization’s needs. Plans can be uploaded into these folders or dragged and dropped from the overview tab.


    Similar to Automatic Hyperlinking, bookmarks allow for the creation of quick links to other plans. A bookmark icon can be placed directly on a plan sheet using the “bookmarks option from the toolbar on the right, which creates a shortcut to that plan and zoom level. In addition, all bookmarks can also be found in the bookmarks folder. These links can be clicked from within the folder to route to the created shortcut.

    1. Start by zooming in to the location of the plan you want to bookmark
    2. Select “Bookmarks” from the toolbar and “Add Bookmark”.
    3. Type in the name for the bookmark and click “Submit”.
    4. Move to the desired area of the screen and click with the mouse to Place the Bookmark.

    Supporting Documents

    Supporting documents allow for the storage of any file type within your project. These files will not be viewable in the overview tab, but it's a great way to store bid instructions, word documents, or excel spreadsheets that are relevant to the project

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