Export Your STACK Estimate to QuickBooks Online
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    Export Your STACK Estimate to QuickBooks Online

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    If QuickBooks Online (QBO) is part of your workflow, you can easily export your Material and Labor Estimate info from STACK to QBO to complete your accounting and invoicing process.

    You don’t have to spend extra time manually entering info for each estimate and worry about potential typo errors.

    Once you complete the preliminary setup of connecting your accounts and assigning Accounting Codes to your items in STACK, you can export your STACK estimate information directly to QBO with just a couple of clicks.

    NOTE: Only US version of QBO is currently supported.
    You must be an “Account Owner” in STACK to use this feature.
    You can only export Material and Labor Estimates, not Unit Cost Estimates.

    See below for more information and instructions:
    Connect Your STACK and QuickBooks Online Accounts
    Assigning Item Accounting Codes for Export to QuickBooks Online
    Export a STACK Estimate to QuickBooks Online

    Connect Your STACK and QuickBooks Online Accounts

    NOTE: You must be an “Account Owner” in STACK to connect the accounts.

    1. Click the Settings icon at the right of the main navigation toolbar.
    2. Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.
    3. Click App Integrations at the left of your screen.
    4. Locate the intuit QuickBooks Online tile and click Connect.
    5. Follow the online instructions to validate credentials with the QBO account.

    *This is a one-time setup. Once you have connected your STACK and QuickBooks Online accounts, you will not need to repeat this process.

    Assigning Item Accounting Codes for Export to QuickBooks Online

    NOTE: Items on your STACK estimate must have an Accounting Code to be exported to QuickBooks Online.

    The STACK Item Accounting Code is used to map your STACK estimate data to your QBO Products & Services during export. We look for a QBO Item (which includes the Name of the item plus its categories) that exactly matches the STACK item’s Accounting Code.

    • If a match is found, the QBO Item (Categories + Name) is used and the QBO QTY, Rate, and Amount fields are populated with info from the STACK estimate.
    • If no match is found, a new QBO Item (Categories + Name) is created using the STACK Name for the QBO Item Description and the same QBO fields noted above are populated with info from the STACK estimate.
    • If an item in the STACK estimate does not have an Accounting Code, it is excluded from the export.

    So, while you can assign any Accounting Code you like to items in STACK, if you already have items set up in your QBO account, we suggest using the QBO Item (Categories + Name) as the STACK item Accounting Code.

    1. Start by exporting your QBO Item information to Excel:
      • Go to Product and Services in QBO.
        Your QBO view may be different, but you can find Product and Services by going to Get things done under the MENU, then clicking Add products and services on the dashboard.
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      • Click the Export to Excel icon at the right of the screen to download a spreadsheet containing all of your QBO item information.
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    2. Enter the data listed in Item column of the downloaded QBO spreadsheet as the Item Accounting Codes in STACK.
      (The QBO Itemcells list the categories, subcategories, and product or service for each QBO item, separated by a colon (:).)
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      • You can individually copy and paste into the Accounting Code field on the STACK Item Information screen when you create or edit an item in STACK.
      • If you have a lot of items to create or edit in STACK, you can copy/paste the QBO Item info to the STACK Item Import Template (AccountingCode column) and we can upload the data for you. Click for more info.

    NOTE: Non-Measured Items added to a Material and Labor Estimate in STACK must also include an Accounting Code to be exported. You will enter the Accounting Code for these items directly to the STACK estimate by clicking on the Accounting Code field under Non-Measured Costs.

    Additional Accounting Code Info

    • The STACK Accounting Code field has a 250-character limit.
      (QBO has a 100-character limit per category and/or item.)
    • A QBO Item is limited to 4 levels of categories. This means it can contain no more than 4 colons. For example: CATEGORY:SUBCAT1:SUBCAT2:SUBCAT3:PRODUCT
    • Do not use backslashes in the Accounting Code.

    Export a STACK Estimate to QuickBooks Online

    NOTE: You must be an “Account Owner” in STACK to export estimates to QBO.

    1. In STACK, click on the Material & Labor Estimate that you want to export to QuickBooks Online.
    2. Click the ellipsis (three dots) next to “Download Proposal” at the right of the screen.
    3. Select Export to QuickBooks.
    4. Select a Customer. (Customer list is pulled from your QBO Customers.)
    5. Click Export to transfer data to QBO as a new estimate.*
    6. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account and proceed with your QBO workflow.

    *Each time you export estimate data from STACK, it creates a new estimate in QuickBooks Online; it will NOT update an existing estimate in QBO.

    This data is exported from the STACK estimate to QuickBooks Online:

    • STACK Adjusted Quantity = QBO QTY (quantity)
    • STACK (Selling Price divided by Adjusted Qty) = QBO Rate
    • STACK Selling Price = QBO Amount
    • STACK Accounting Code = QBO Item (Categories + Name in Products & Services)*
    • STACK Name = QBO Description*
    • STACK Terms and Conditions + Scope of Work = QBO Message displayed on estimate

    NOTE: Tax is NOT exported from STACK so you can apply and customize the tax rate for each item as needed within QBO.

    *If the STACK Accounting Code matches an existing QBO Item, the QBO Item (Categories + Name) and Description are retained; the STACK Item Name will not replace the existing QBO Description.

    Export Your STACK Estimate to QuickBooks Desktop
    Create, Edit, or Delete Custom Items
    Bulk Import Custom Items to STACK

    If you need additional assistance, please Contact Us.

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