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    Overview of Plan Overlay

    STACK allows you to visually compare plans by using different colored lines to represent each sheet, so you can easily see any differences between them.

    1. To get started, open the plan you would like to use as your base layer.
    2. Click the “Overlay” button in the toolbar on the right
    3. This will open a window showing all the sheets in the project. You will need to select one to apply it as an overlay (you can search or scroll through the plan names).
    4. Once applied, to resize the pages, hold the mouse down on one of the corner drag handles to correct any misalignment (You can also resize horizontally or vertically by holding down the non-corner drag handles).
    5. Initially, you will see a color change on the screen. A purple color indicates no changes between the two plans. Red represents the original plan, and blue indicates the overlaid plan (you may also change the color of the overlaid plan).
    6. Using the layers icon, you can access a few different overlay settings such as plan differencing, takeoff transfer, and a visibility toggle.
    7. To add more layers, click the “Add Overlay” button and repeat steps 3 through 5.
    8. You may also remove a layer by clicking the ‘x’ to the right of the sheet name.

    Additional Plan Overlay options

    Plan Differencing
    For even greater contrast, click the highlighter icon to use plan differencing between two plans. In this mode, you can easily detect the color difference between the two plans as the similar lines will appear as black. To exit differencing mode, click the highlighter icon again.

    Takeoff Transfer
    If you do a takeoff or add any markups while in overlay mode, they will be added to your original, base layer. However, you can easily move the takeoffs from the base layer to the overlaid plan by clicking the move icon.

    *This will transfer all takeoffs and markups to the overlaid plan. This action cannot be reversed.

    Managing Drawings and Project Documents
    Rotate Plans
    Markup Tools

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