Navigating Your Takeoff List
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    Navigating Your Takeoff List

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    The Takeoff List (on the Takeoffs tab) is where you will find all the takeoffs for the project. It displays the name and total measurement/count for each takeoff. 

    The Takeoff List is where you will open a takeoff to edit the Takeoff Settings or add measurements/counts, delete takeoffs from the project if needed, or add a takeoff to the library for use on future projects.

    • The Search Takeoffs bar allows you to filter the list by keywords in the takeoff name so you can quickly find the takeofff you're looking for.
    • Group by allows you to group the list by Plan Name or any Takeoff Tags or Labels that have been applied to the takeoffs. TIP: The order you select the Groups in the dropdown is the order in which the list will be grouped/sub-grouped.
    • Click the eyeball icon next to the header at the top of the list to hide/unhide all takeoffs on the plan sheets.
      • To hide/unhide specific takeoffs on a plan sheet. Hover over the desired takeoff name and click the eyeball icon that appears to the left of the name.
    • Click the arrow to the right of a takeoff to open the Takeoff Settings panel where you can make changes to the takeoff Appearance, Tags, Items & Assemblies, or add measurements.
      TIP: You can also just click the takeoff name to open the Takeoff Settings panel.
    • Click the 3 dots to the far right of a takeoff for a menu of additional options.
      • Edit - Another way to open the Takeoff Settings panel so you can make changes or add measurements.
      • Copy - Creates a new takeoff with the same Takeoff Measurement Type and Takeoff Settings (Appearance, Tags, Items & Assemblies). (Measurements are not copied.)
      • Add Items/Assemblies - Allows you to add items and assemblies to the takeoff.
      • Add to Library - Adds the takeoff to the Takeoff Library so you can re-use it on future projects.
      • Delete - Will delete the takeoff and all measurements/counts associated with it from the project.

    TIP: By default, measurement totals are displayed as whole numbers on the Takeoff List, but you can adjust your Preferences to display one, two, or three decimal places.

    Change Your Takeoff List Decimal Display

    1. Click the Settings Icon (person with gear) at the right of the main navigation toolbar.
    2. Select Preferences in the dropdown menu.
    3. Click on the Takeoff List Decimal Display field and select the number of decimal places you want to display.
    4. Click Save.

    NOTE: This only changes how the total measurement is displayed on your Takeoff List.

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