Download Chrome or Firefox
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    Download Chrome or Firefox

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    Although STACK will run in any web browser, it runs best in Chrome, Firefox or Safari-Apple.

    Below are brief instructions to download Chrome and Firefox for Mac and PC.

    To Download Chrome:

    Chrome download screenshot

    The next screen will show an illustration of the install steps.

    For Mac: Follow the steps they provide.

    Chrome Mac install screenshot

    For PC: Follow the steps they provide.

    Note: Step 1 - If you don’t see the ChromeSetup.exe file at the bottom left corner of the window, check your Downloads folder.

    Chrome PC install screenshot

    To Download Firefox:

    Firefox download screenshot

    For Mac:

    • The Firefox file will go to the Downloads folder.
    • Double click on the file icon to install.

    Firefox download Mac file screenshot

    For PC:

    • The Firefox file will show up in the bottom left of your screen or in your Downloads folder.
    • Open the Firefox Insaller.exe file to begin install.

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